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Hello Friends, Want to spend your free time in the waterfall then Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls is the perfect place to visit near Hyderabad. This waterfall is the best location to visit on weekends with friends and family. the natural view and atmosphere are very attractive for people visiting the waterfalls. Let’s explore the Waterfalls.

About Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls

These waterfalls are situated at Samudralingapuram, Karimnagar, Telangana. the waterfall’s name is that because it is situated at Samudralingapuram so the name is according to the village name. another thing is it is not a natural waterfall, the water falls from a dam, and outside the dam, there are many stairs so the waterfall looks like a waterfall.

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Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls timing

The waterfall comes from Singasamudram Cheruvu. the waterfall is 141 km far from Hyderabad so many people visit the waterfall in their free time. The natural beauty of the village and roads are very beautiful that also attracts visitors.

There are no shops and a proper road to the waterfall but there is an OK muddy road to the waterfall. visitors can also picnic and cook food near the waterfall. this place is also suitable for family and friend picnics.

Samudra Lingapur Waterfall Ticket Price

There is no such ticket system to visit the water park and the entry fee is free to the waterfall.

Samudra Lingapur Waterfall Timing

The waterfall is open 24 hours and 7 days in week but the perfect time to visit and enjoy the waterfall is 7 am to 5 pm every day.

Samudra Lingapur Waterfall Contact Number

There is no authority of the waterfall so no such contact number for any person near the waterfall.

Samudra Lingapur Waterfall Distance

This is one of the best natural places to visit in Karimnagar & also near Hyderabad so people want to visit and spend their weekends. Hyderabad to the waterfall distance is 141 km. Karimnagar to the waterfall distance is 65 km. Raikal Waterfall to the Samudralingapur Waterfalls distance is 113 km.

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Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls Location

Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls Photos

More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stop

The waterfall is situated in a village area so there are no proper transport facilities so visit with your personal bike or car.

Hotels Near The Waterfall

There are no hotels and restaurants near the waterfall so take food from other shops to eat.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is Monsoon time and many people give reviews that do not visit in summer because there is sufficient water in the river.


This is one of the best tourist attractions places near Karimnagar and near Hyderabad. you can spend your weekends with friends and family at the waterfall. plan a visit to the waterfall and spend time with nature. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the waterfall feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


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