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Hello Friends, Odisha has many Dams but Sapua Dam is the best tourist attraction place among them. this is a tourist attraction destination place in the Dhenkanal district. many visitors came from every corner of Odisha to visit the Dam. Let’s explore the Dam.

About Sapua Dam

Sapua Project Dam is situated in Sapua River, a branch of Mahanadi, near Rasol Village, Hindol Block, Dhenkanal district. The Dam comes under Hindol Forest Range. The dam is inaugurated in 2006. this dam is used for irrigation purposes. it is called so because the construction of the dam is accurate to a snake & a snake is called in the Odia language Sapa so the dam’s name is Sapua.

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Sapua Dam

This is a very beautiful place in the Dhenkanal district due to its construction and natural beauty which comes from surrounding mountains and green trees. there is also Pindi for picnic cooking. The place is very crowded in the winter season.

The sound that makes from the fall of water is very attractive to tourists. another attraction point is the Sunset in the dam view is very enjoyable, so if anyone wants to enjoy the sight then go there at 3 P.M in the winter season.

Sapua Mountain Lake view is another point of attraction from which you can enjoy the dam’s nature from near. There are also boating facilities provided by the local people to the visitors.

Sapua Dam distance

It is a tourist destination place for picnic and its natural views so tourist wants to know the distance. Sapua dam distance from Bhubaneswar is 93 Km. Sapua dam distance from Dhenkanal is 42 km.

Sapua Project Dam Location

Sapua Dam Images

  • Sapua Project dam
  • Sapua Dam
  • Sapua Dam

More About The Dam

Nearest Bus Stop

Rasol bus stop is the nearest bus stop to the Dam which is only 3 km far from the destination place.

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Hotels Near The Dam

HOTEL THE ARJUNS is the nearest hotel for meals which is 7 km far from the dam, but you can cook food in the dam location for the feast.

Best Time To Visit

The winter season that is November to April is the best time to visit the dam.


This is a good place for a picnic and enjoys nature in the Dhenkanal district so if you want to enjoy nature with family and friends then this is a good place to visit. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


Sapua dam in which district?

Dhenkanal District, Hindol block

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