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Hello friends, On summer days people want to make their holidays better & memorable for them. there is one way to refresh in summer is a water park if you are in Bihar then Begusarai Water Park is the best option for you, the water park is also called Raj Water Park. This water park offers many facilities in case of water activities.

About Begusarai Water Park

This park is built in early 2023 and is situated in Teghra, Begusarai. it is considered the biggest water park in Bihar as well as in the district. people enjoy the water park on summer days and within a few days, the water park gains popularity in the city.

Begusarai Water Park ticket price

The water park is called that because it is situated in the district of Bihar. this park offers 17+ water activities for visitors and for newly opened they offer some discounts and a free locker system also to the visitors.

The park is built upon 5 acres of land in the city and it offers a kid’s playing area where kids can play some water games in the park. people gave reviews of the water park as satisfied with the park.

Begusarai Water Park Ride Lists

  • Mat Racing:- Mat racing is an exciting ride at waterparks where riders slide down a steep, multi-lane track on a mat. As riders race each other to the finish line, they experience thrilling drops, twists, and turns, all while feeling the rush of water beneath them. With its competitive nature and heart-pumping excitement, mat racing is a popular attraction at waterparks
  • Rain Dance:- Raindance is a popular ride at waterparks that combines the excitement of a waterslide with the thrill of a dance party. Riders climb aboard a circular raft and are propelled down a slide with twists and turns, all while water and colorful lights dance around them. The music adds to the excitement, making Raindance a party on a raft. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or a fun time with friends and family, Raindance is a ride you won’t want to miss at our waterpark
  • Tower Slides:- Towerslide is an exhilarating ride at waterparks that will take your breath away. Riders climb to the top of a tower and choose from several slides that offer a variety of twists and turns, steep drops, and high speeds. With multiple lanes available, you can race your friends to the bottom for added excitement. The rush of air and water as you slide down the tower is an experience unlike any other. Don’t miss out on the adrenaline-fueled adventure of the Tower Slide at our waterpark.
  • Wave Pool:- A wave pool is a popular attraction at waterparks that simulates the experience of being at the beach. The pool produces artificial waves that can reach up to several feet high, creating a fun and dynamic environment for swimmers. With the help of advanced technology, wave pools are able to create a variety of wave patterns, from gentle, rolling waves to crashing, cresting waves that are perfect for body surfing. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an exciting adventure in the water, a wave pool is a must-try ride at our waterpark.
  • Water Slides:– Get ready for the ride of your life on our waterslide at the waterpark. Our twisting, turning chutes and tubes will take you on a thrilling journey that ends with a splash into the pool. With slides for all ages and thrill levels, everyone can enjoy the excitement. From high-speed drops to gentle curves, our waterslide offers something for everyone. Come and experience the rush of our waterslide for yourself and make unforgettable memories at our waterpark
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Begusarai Water Park Tickets Price

The ticket price at the park is Rs.500 (For weekends and holidays) & Rs.450 for normal days.

Begusarai Water Park Timings

The Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day of the week.

Begusarai Water Park Contact Numbers

The water park contact number and email id are given below.

Phone Number+91 9835282981
Mail[email protected]

Begusarai Water Park Distance

Begusarai water park’s distance from Crazy Water World Park to Raj Water Park distance is 177 km and from the park to Begusarai is 21 km far.

Begusarai Water Park Location

Begusarai Water Park Photos

  • Begusarai Water Park
  • Begusarai Water Park ticket price
  • raj water park ticket price
  • raj water park photos

More About The Water Park

Nearest Bus Stop

Teghra Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to the water park which is only 2 km far.

Hotels Near The Park

There are many hotels and restaurants near the water park also you can find food inside the park.

Best Time To Visit

The water park is open all day of the year but the summer season is the best time to visit the water park.

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This is the biggest water park in Bihar and offers a wide range of water activities so try to visit the water park for once. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


Is food included in the ticket price?

No, you have to pay separately for food.

Which new waterpark is in Begusarai Bihar?

Raj Water Park, which opened in 2023

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