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Hello Friends, Are you in Kolkata and want any park that is suitable for kids to enjoy their time with fun and joy Wonder Beans is the perfect place for the kids. Parents can make their kid’s childhood very special and memorable. Kids can learn many more things inside the park. Let’s explore the Park.

About Wonder Beans Kolkata

This kid’s trampoline park is situated at Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal. The park is only for kids no adults can enter the park. parents go with their children to track them. inside Wonder Bean, learn while enjoying games like Ludo, and calculation games.

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There are several items that kids will enjoy a lot. This place is very clean and hygienic. you can do a birthday celebration inside the park. if parents have any work then they can leave their kids in the park and do their work normally like shopping etc.

The staff behavior of the park is very good towards the kids. kids can play with kids home and many more kids enjoy things. There is also a food court that offers very good veg food for both kids and their parents but they charge for the food. The park is known as one of the best amusement parks in Kolkata.

Wonder Beans Ticket Price

The ticket price of the park is Rs.600 for 1 hour per kid.

Wonder Beans Timing

The park in Kolkata opens at 11.30 am and closes at 8 pm every day.

Wonder Beans Contact Details

The park’s contact number is +91 3346012585 and you can book the ticket by visiting the park.

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Overview Of The Kids Park

Park NameWonder Beans
LocationMullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata
Ticket PriceRs.600
Timing11.30 pm to 8 am
Contact Number3346012585
Nearest Visiting PlaceEco Park Kolkata

Wonder Beans Location

Wonder Beans Amusement Park Photos

More About The Park

Nearest Bus Stop

The park is situated in the city area so there are no transport problems while visiting the park.

Best Time To Visit

The park is open all day during the year. Visit the park while parent and kid both are in free or on weekends which is the best time to visit the park.


This is one of the best amusement parks in Kolkata for kids. if you want to make your kids’ childhood memorable and want them to learn something enjoyable then must visit the park. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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Do they take care of children while playing?


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Yes it is very test for some people

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