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Hello Friends, What Is Sapped do you know that, ok stay here I am here to explain A to Z about Sapped, and also I give the best meaning of sapped in Hindi also. Let’s understand clearly what is sapped and where it comes from and the full meaning of it.

What Is Sapped?

Friends as we know sapped is not an original word it is the past tense and past Participle of the Word Sap. The meaning of Sap is weak or destroying something slowly. so sapped is used in various sentences that refer to the past of a thing. Let’s Understand it with an Example.

WHat is sapped

Example Of Sapped :- The Money is sapped due to losses in Business

Sapped Meaning In Hindi

Friends as we know our country India majority people based on Hindi Language so we provide the Sapped meaning in Hindi “डूब गया”, “निर्बल बनाना”. You can make Sentence in hindi using this word.

We also use Sap in form of adjective, many authors use it as adjective just Example- The sickness had sapped my energy.

What Is Sapped In English

Sapped in English meaning that loosing of something that is also energy as we disused before Sapped is past of Sap

What Is Sapped Videos

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What is sapped in Hindi?

निर्बल बनाना

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