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Hello Friends, In Summer days people want to refresh and enjoy themselves with friends in a water park. In Jharsuguda there is a park name Fun Leela Water Park. it is the best water park in the district in terms of facilities and pricing. Let’s explore the water park.

About Fun Leela Water Park

Fun Leela Water Park is situated at Lahandabud, H-Katapali, Jharsuguda district of Odisha. it is the only water park in Jharsuguda. so people go to this water park on the weekend for enjoyment.

They offer many types of water activities in the water park. the park is really worth visiting in the summer days. It is only a water park so people also called as Jharsuguda water park. they provide a locker system to keep visitors’ things in there.

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fun leela water park ticket price

Facilities Offered By Fun Leela Water Park

  • More Than 20+ water activities like swimming pool, wave pool, water slide, rain dance, and many more
  • Locker Facility is available for visitors.
  • Hotel for food available inside the water park.
  • Free parking area provided by the water park authorities.
  • Well-maintained garden for spending time.
  • Gives dress code for rent to the visitors.
  • Kids Zone for Children’s enjoyment.
  • Group bookings are available for more than 10+ people.

there are many more facilities offered by the Jharsuguda Water Park.

Fun Leela Water Park Jharsuguda Ticket Price

Fun Leela/ Jharsuguda Water Park ticket price is Rs.400 for adults with a height of more than 4 feet and the price of the ticket is Rs.300 for visitors whose height is between 2.5 feet to 4 feet. and the ticket price is free for child whose height is less than 2.5 feet.

HeightTicket Price
Above 4 ft.Rs.400
Between 2.5 ft. to 4 ft.Rs.300
Less Than 2.5 ft.Free
Fun Leela Water Park Ticket Price 2023

They Charge Rs.50 for the locker and Rs.80 for the male Costume if you rent the costume from the water park. for female costumes, rent is Rs.100 & children costume rent is Rs. 50 per visitor.

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Fun Leela Water Park Contact Number

To book an advance ticket there are no such facilities but you can book the ticket by making a call to the water park staff, the water park contact number is +91 9439464599. and the email address is [email protected] & [email protected]

Fun Leela Water Park Timings

Fun Leela Water Park opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm every day. the water park opens all day of the week.

Fun Leela Water Park Distance

Fun Leela water park is one the best water park in western Odisha so people want to visit the water park. Jharsuguda station to fun Leela water park distance is 7.6 km. Gudguda waterfall to Funleela water park distance is 82 km.

Fun Leela Water Park Location

Fun Leela Water Park Photos

  • fun leela water park photos
  • funleela water park
  • funleela water park distance

More About The Water Park

Nearest Bus Stop

The water park is very near to Highway so finding the bus is very easy for visitors. which is only 3.5km far

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Nearest Air Port

Veer Surendra Sai Airport is the nearest airport which is 11 km far from the water park

Best Time To Visit

The water park is open all day of the year but summer days are best for visiting the water park


This is the only park in Jharsuguda and provides the best service if you want to chill with friends or family on summer days then this is the perfect place for you. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the water park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


What is the price of Jharsuguda water park?

Water Park Price is between Rs.300 to Rs.400 and children’s ticket is free

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